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GDUSS PRIVATE LIMITED Company is incorporated by Ministry of Corporate Affair's Govt. of India, under the companies Act. 2013 (18-2013) and that the company is limited by shares. It's unlisted non Govt. Company. The register office of the company situated in the state of Jharkhand.

Company CIN: U74999JH2018PTCO11994, PAN No: AAHCG5016E, TAN: RCHGO2801B, GSTIN: 20AACHG5016E1Z9

Our Company governed by the private security Act. 2005 (PSARA) and is providing security services and other various types of services in different parts of our complying with all other legal regulation.

About Us

GDUSS Private Limited Company to carry on the business of providing total manpower placement and recruiting, selecting, interviewing, proper training and employing all types of executives, middle management staffs, junior level staffs, workers, labours - unskilled / skilled / high skilled required by various industries and organization providing security services, cash management services, logistic security services, electronics security, cyber security services, labour contractors, Industrial, Commercial market, offices, Malls, Residence, Hotels, Hospital, Banks / ATM, Petrol pump, Airport, Railway station, Institutions/Schools/Colleges/Universities and other security services and workers for office management, Hospital management, Estate Management and to conduct Employment bureau and to provide consultancy and other services in connection with requirement of persons and total manpower supply in India and abroad.

GDUSS Pvt. Ltd. Company also carry on the business of providing Manpower services for Housekeeping and Maintenance clearing care take and facility management services.

GDUSS Company's CMD in first generation entrepreneur. Chief Managing Director's work experience of last 25 years and other Director, HR Manager, Security officers, Ex-Indian Navy Caption, Ex- Army, Ex-police and NCC creded trainer of GDUSS Training Academy and other expert team of our organization has been successfully working in security services, Housekeeping services and Facility management services with genuine duty, honesty and efficiency.

We are a group of three organization


◈ Total Security Services ◈ Housekeeping and Facility management services ◈ Total Manpower Solution ◈ Job placement consultancy and recruitment ◈ Marketing Management ◈ Out Sourcing Employment Bureau ◈ Tour and Travel


◈ Multi Skill and Human Resource Development ◈ Rehabilitation ◈ Human behaviour ◈ Punctuality ◈ Discipline ◈ Technical Skill ◈ Health Care


◈ Social Welfare ◈ Education and Skill Development welfare ◈ Social responsibility ◈ Social Security ◈ Social reform

Our Organization Structure

We have difference organizational structures for all the three establishments. GDUSS has its Chief Managing Director - Directors - HR Manager - Executives - Field Officers - Supervisors - Training Co-Ordinator's and staffs. Similarly the main authorities are the office holders in all the three organization and all ventures are jointly under taken and accomplished.

Our Training Certification

▣ NSDC / MEPSC Affiliated Training Centre in Ranchi, Jharkhand
▣ Ensures adequate manpower supply certification by MEPC / SSSDC.
▣ Training Focuses on : ◈ Upgrading security skills ◈ Situational Awareness ◈ Vigilance at each post ◈ Civil behavior always ◈ Learn client work culture ◈ Deliver Service with a smile ◈ Guard trained to be firm but polite

Our Values

◈ Put customer first ◈ Foster a "Can do" Attitude ◈ Build strong relationship ◈ Recognize wider responsibilities ◈ Promote change and innovation ◈ Provide great value

Our Association

SAJ - Security Association of Jharkhand
SAI - Security Association of India
IISM - International Institute of Society of Security Management
CAPSI - Central Association of Private Security Industry

We always believe in the following virtues

1. Genuine Duty & Unique Services with Sincerely and carefully
2. Commitment
3. Ethic's
4. Discipline and
5. "Service is action", Service is Religion and service is the ultimate tenacity.

Some of the Business Vertical that we cater to areas below

◈ Corporate & Business Houses ◈ Commercial Super Markets ◈ Shopping Malls ◈ Showrooms ◈ Godwon ◈ Industrials ◈ Residence ◈ Township / Apartment ◈ Banks / ATM ◈ Any Company Offices ◈ Insurance Offices ◈ Institutions / Schools / Colleges / University ◈ Airport ◈ Railway Station ◈ Hotel / Bar / Restaurant ◈ Hospitals ◈ Jewellery Showroom ◈ Society ◈ Personal Bodyguard ◈ House Servant etc.

Allied Security Services

> Security and emergency Management planning
> Command and Control : The establishment and operation of an event control centre.
> Provision and qualified and experience crowd controllers.
> Management of licensed areas ,
> VIP and close personal protection services
> Emergency and crisis management
> Traffic management

Software And Data Security

> Infrastructure and Endpoint security
> Security testing and incident response
> Identity and access Management
> Data and Application security
> Security Intelligence and Optimisation
> Security strategy, Risk and Compliance

Security Consulting

> Threat and vulnerability Assessment
> Security Audits
> Security master plan
> Security policy and procedure development
> Security Intellectual property

Security Guard Training

> New Training
> Re-skilling Training
> Up-skilling Training
> Certification
> Placement

Basic ManTech Solutions

> Integrated comprehensive cost optimized ManTech solutions
> Corporate offices and Tech parks
> Access control Innovations
> Cloud base e-surveillance
> GDUSS TEAM: Sales training operations Audit

> Industrial complexes, Factories and Infra projects
> Theme park & places of worship
> Touch less security screening with AI
> UYCC: Under Your Customer Concerns
> Audit : Measure performance continually improve ( MPCI )

> Academic Institutions and Estate
> Banks, ATMs and Malls
> Face and Temperature detection with AI
> COLLABORATE: To design deeply customised services
> DEPLOY: Trained Human Resource

Advance ManTech Solutions

> Ever alert Guard watch check system (GWCS)
> Cloud base e-surveillance systems with AI

> KPI: Petrol Monitoring systems with AI
> Rule base smart Fencing with analytics

> Touch less Meows control with analytics
> End-End services turnkey basis

Why Our Security Force Better

> GDUSS expert team provide optimised integrated solutions
> GDUSS is yours security Force multiplier
> GDSS PSARA Certified in 15 Indian state

> GDUSS multi skilled personnel are your go to Men & Women for all kind of emergencies
> Personnel trained to be polite but Firm

> GDUSS address to all compliances & are always fair, justice and ethical in their dealings
> Certified personnel deployed
> Security staff certified by Nationality Recognized bodies Rastriya Raksha University & MEPSE

Area of operation

Since our inception, we have strived to make pioneer a leading and robust private security company. It is our intention and dream to initiate operations.

1. Jharkhand 2. Bihar 3. West Bengal 4. Orissa 5. Chhatishgarh 6. Delhi 7. Uttar Pradesh 8. Haryana 9. Punjab 10. Assam 11. Uttranchal 12. Madhya Pradesh 13. Gujrat 14. Maharashtra 15. Rajasthan

We late this opportunity to introduce our security solutions, total manpower solutions & consultancy services company GDUSS to you. With the mottos of "Securing our trust" we not only provide you the best in class security services, Housekeeping services and facility management services through educate and professional security personnel but also discipline and well trained force and other all types of staffs that has some of the best skilled essential for supervisor performance.

With your kind support we will be in a position to expend our operation regions of the country soon.

So, we not only hope but who believe that you will provide us on opportunity to work with you and your organization.

Thanking You!

Director Message

No matter how many situations you have gone through, you are neither broken nor defeated and you have the desire and hope to more forward, not only to live. See the result of same today, record GST collection for the month of July 2021, 2.16 Lakh crore.


According to the economic survey of Govt. of India is likely to emerge as the world’s fastest growing economy in the next two years. According to survey the rate of economic growth of the country is expected to be 11% in 2021 – 2022.


Indian personnel security industry, Housekeeping and facility management industry has been growing very fast for two consecutive decades. As per FICCI report the industry is growing above 30% every year. 3 million additional job created by 2020. Currently around 13 million job, by 2021. India security market share is 990 billion INR by 2020. Due to the increasing manpower demand the member of security force in the private security industry will be reduced to 15 million by 2022. According to the latest report this market is worth 1.5 lakh crore. The market of Indian Facility Management industry is also 5 lakh crore with 35% growth.


GDUSS Private Limited Company is also not behind, our company is also always ready in security services, housekeeping services and facility management services work with 100% progress every year on the strength of own and our genuine duty, loyalty and honesty. It is one of the fastest growing security services, housekeeping services and facility management services company in India. We not only hope but also believe that you will provide us on opportunity to work with you and your organization.


Thanking you!



GD Mahto

Founder and Chief Managing Director of GDUSS Private Limited